If donning a conventional white dress just isn’t your thing, feel free to opt for something that you’ll be comfortable in. After all, you’re the one who’ll be wearing it the whole day. Find white / ivory rather boring? Go for a deep red dress then. Never been a dress person? Perhaps you could go for pants, jumpsuits or rompers. Make it dressy and wedding-appropriate of course! Contrary to popular belief, wearing pants for a Malay bride is nothing new as it goes back to the Puteri Perak’s traditional garment. When the garment is made of songket, the ladies will often opt for pants instead of dresses.

Ensure you are the main highlight on your special day by being the only odd one out – well along with your partner of course. Choose a coloured outfit that will make you stand out amidst an all-white affair. Step it up a notch by going as far as informing your guests to wear white too. Not only will guests be able to spot the bridal couple from far, the photographs will surely turn out one-of-a-kind beautiful!

Some couples prefer an understated, low-key affair, even on their most special day. If you’re not keen to uphold the tradition of having several trays of hantaran on your solemnization, we suggest discussing about this with all your elders. Perhaps, they’ll be ok to forgo it altogether. While yes, having the hantaran would be nice, but they don’t make or break the most important bit of the day; the ijab and kabul.

Having said that, if forsaking the hantaran altogether is frowned upon by the matriarch of the family, maybe you could settle for a middle ground instead – have the hantaran as part of your solemnization day, but make the contents privy from your guests by having them all covered up. It’s a win-win situation!

Yes, they are tall and elaborately designed, but they are almost always just a dummy with only a tiny edible portion anyway! If you love cake and would like your guests to enjoy some delectable sweets, have an ornate cake table with several single layers of different flavoured cakes, along with some of your favourite desserts – some doughnuts, a macaron tower, kuih lapis, anything that tickles your sweet tooth!

Leave the actual “book” behind and get creative with your guest book! Make it an unforgettable one by having your guests write down their love notes and wishes for you on Jenga blocks or mirrors. Not only are they different, but they make for a great decoration at your new home as well. Keep the Jenga in a frame and place it as one of your displays. The same goes to the mirror(s). Hang them up as part of your decoration.

Flowers have been associated with weddings for centuries. It seems, a wedding is incomplete without a floral decoration. However, if you’re not a fan of flowers and/or would like to remain on the unconventional route, opt for non-floral decorations. Leaves, twigs, wooden blocks and hay would make a beautiful barn-themed wedding. Other options could also be the use of papers, candles, geometrical and crystal elements. We don’t deny that flowers make wedding decorations beautiful, we love them as much as the next person, but even we have to agree that flowers may not be for everyone.


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