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Do you feel that your wedding preparations are actually more difficult than you imagined, and instead of it smoothly turning into a beautiful stage, you are becoming overwhelmed with the list of 'To-Do's'? Don’t worry, Reka Teemor is the solution. We know what you need from A to Z for your wedding.

You need a Wedding Planner who will be your right hand person to see everything through. However, you do not need just anyone. You need Reka Teemor; the multi award winning, best wedding planner in Malaysia. Reka Teemor are professionals that has successfully organized dozens of weddings and can help you get everything perfect, just as you have been dreaming of for a long time.


Nowadays, the bride and groom have such busy lives that organizing a wedding can be stressful and even burdensome. It is advisable to seek help of a Malaysia wedding planner like Reka Teemor.

However, believing that a Malaysia Wedding Planner services will exponentially increase your expenses is far from the truth. We work with you based on your budget, and we work with our strategic partners to give you superior quality services at a reasonable cost, thus giving you a value-for-money and above all saves your valuable time & effort.

We can advise and guide you in each stage of the organization of your wedding; from the invitations, the wedding ceremony, the reception party and down to the most intimate details such as choosing the ring and the dress!. We know the importance of each detail and we assume the whole process with professionalism and dedication. Reka Teemor has the experiences that allow us to be aware of all the details, be able to guide you during the preparations in an organised and precise way, so that you arrive on your big day minus the worries, and only dedicate yourself to enjoying your wedding moments. We will carry out your dreams and give you the peace of mind that everything will go even better than planned.


It does not matter if you already started organizing your wedding; we can help you at any stage you are in. We welcome challenges and we want to help couples get everything they need and much more. We also organize weddings for couples who reside abroad and want to get married in Malaysia, and vice versa.

Being able to describe a perfect wedding is very subjective. For some, the perfect wedding is in a beautiful hacienda outside the city; or in a luxurious hotel with all the services at hand. For that reason, as the top wedding planner Malaysia has to offer, our main recommendation when planning a wedding is to let yourself be carried away by your heart. Achieving what makes you feel happy about your wedding event is Reka Teemor’s commitment to all our to-be married couple client.


All you have to do is dream it, and we’ll make it happen! Settle for nothing short of perfection!

If you are planning a wedding in Malaysia or any destination wedding of your dreams, Reka Teemor is the perfect partner for your wedding event journey. As a premier wedding designer and wedding planner in Malaysia, Reka Teemor delivers exceptional wedding design and resources with lavish inspirations to make your big day the one to remember. We materialize unique weddings that match our client’s desires and budget. There is no limit to the imagination, and we also bring our vast knowledge of Asian, European, Middle-Eastern and other world  cultures and traditions to be incorporated into our wedding designs.

Our services cover everything needed to make a dream wedding event. Available in packaged or ala carte options, we provide the following.

Elemental Planning & Management

For couples who wish to manage most or some parts of their wedding, Reka Teemor can assist you along the way, lending you our guidance and expertise, and help manage any elements that you wish to entrust to us.

Full Wedding Planning & Coordination / Production

Planning and managing a wedding can be a daunting task, Reka Teemor can help you manage your entire wedding with our complete professional services and client care. From initial planning, visualization of the event design, budgeting, gifts/’hantaran’ preparations to the actual day’s management, couples can breathe easy as Reka Teemor will ensure your wedding day becomes a memorable event.

Wedding Décor Design

A beautifully designed wedding décor makes a lasting impression and memory. Reka Teemor is an industry expert in customizing and realizing your ideas and vision into a visual masterpiece. Be it a unique request, or themed weddings, we can incorporate any modern or cultural elements and aesthetics into one-of-a-kind wedding décor design for you.

Destination Wedding

Thinking of having your wedding elsewhere more exotic, or more romantic, or simply more sentimental for you? Reka Teemor can assist you to arrange for a wedding at a destination of your choosing. Local or overseas, we can make it happen for you! All destination wedding plans will require full consultation with us and comes with full Wedding Planning & Coordination/Production service.

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Reka Teemor delivers client-centric, personalized interior design services to a wide range of local and overseas clientele. Our talented team offers a variety of design expertise for domestic private and commercial projects, ranging from complete refurbishment of residential homes and offices, managing renovation and construction of interiors, lighting design, as well as defining schemes for colour, texture, furnishings and interior decors.

Whatever the interior trends, style and ideas, we cater and customize to meet our client’s interior design and space functionality expectations. Reka Teemor is the trusted partner to transform your interior space, and we have the creative energy for projects that include:

    • Designing private homes to multi-level residential high-rises,
    • Commercial offices and high-rises,
    • Thematic venues,
    • Showrooms and reception areas
    • Boutiques and retail outlets,
    • Exhibition spaces
    • Hotels and resorts, and any space that needs our services to shape it into reality.


Reka Teemor combines our expertise of space transformation, interior designs, visual graphics design and sensory elements to create stunning merchandise visualization displays. Our creations seize attention, shock the senses and cultivate a positive buying experience and recall value for the target market of the product or brand.

Whether it is for a retail boutique store, a trade show, a mall display or even a new space, we provide a complete visual merchandising service that covers:

    • Concept Design, theme consultation and visualization
    • Developing floor plans for projects
    • Visual display and exhibit setup/installation
    • Visual display/Exhibit updates and maintenance
    • Production of informational collaterals that complement the installations


wedding planner malaysia wedding decor services

Many people are often confused with the question: What is the difference between designers of weddings and wedding planners? It is often assumed they are the same thing, but in reality, it is not quite like that.

The confusion  of roles between a wedding planner and a wedding designer arise because there are wedding planners who also offer wedding design services, like us. Realistically, a wedding designer takes care of creating the concept, decor styling and ultimately the materialization of the “wedding design”.

Reka Teemor is Malaysia’s award-winning wedding decor & design specialist that helps to visualize how you want your wedding event to look & feel, and we make it happen.


When you aren’t sure of where to start or what you want for your wedding decor & theme, a wedding designer is the answer. Just as the needs of a wedding should be planned, you also need someone to help you conceptualize your wedding venue decoration. How are you going to gather all the ideas you want for your wedding, build a cohesive and solid style, as well as take your endless Pinterest images into one practical & doable concept? That is what a wedding designer does, and Reka Teemor is a specialist.

With us as your wedding designer, you improve order and translate your ideas into a reality, thread your event with personality and sophistication. This means understanding your vision & wishes, making your decorations, configuring each detail and styling everything up to perfection.


We help and guide you in the selection of your colour palette, decoration, lighting, and design customization, as well as the creation of a style or theme, whether you want a glamorous wedding, classic or country, working with your florists and stationers, choosing tablecloths and style of center table, high, low, types of flowers, among others. We will guide the whole appearance of your event, ensuring that all teams of suppliers are working towards the same ideas, working in collaboration to create a coherent flow of your aesthetics and style, bringing all the design elements together to the day of your wedding. Thus, when the guests arrive, they will be mesmerized by the elegance you gave to your event.


We want your event to be wonderful and distinctive, without the worries. Remember that you should enjoy your wedding and always remember it as one of the greatest events of your life.
Do you have more concerns about what a wedding designer in Malaysia does? Contact us to know more about our services.

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A Destination Wedding is one that takes place somewhere of your choosing – it can be any destination, from a state within your own country or in an exotic place in another country.

Destination weddings are ideal for couples who want something unique as well as combining it with a vacation, or simply to explore the wedding location further. It is also ideal for those who want to take advantage of the trip to start their honeymoon right away after the ceremony and reception.

There are many options to choose from romantic destinations: exotic places, serene beaches, charming cities, rugged historical places to the most extravagant places. Whether it is on top of a mountain or while snorkelling in clear waters, regardless of the season, there are countless places on all continents to join in marriage.


A destination wedding can be a particularly unforgettable moment, but it can also cause a lot of stress and difficulties during your planning; since planning is even more complicated, when you do not live in the destination or you do not speak the local language. That is why Reka Teemor can help you to make everything possible. Depending on the type and location of the wedding, we offer these services for destination weddings:

    • Complete organization of the event at the destination with local partners.
    • Receiving of bride & groom entourage and guests, at the airport and transfer them to venue
    • Hotel & venue reservations, working with local partners for venue preparations
    • Arrange activities for before and after the wedding for the guests.
    • Assist with bureaucratic procedures in the destination and legalization in the country of residence. (e.g. visa process, if necessary for the destination).


Malaysia is one of the most amazing places in the world, a space reserved for those who seek authentic treasures, only the privileged can discover their kindness and you can be one of them. The ideal spot for an admirable Destination Wedding in Malaysia, the country encloses multiculturalism and exquisite nature, as well choices of modern urban facilities. Malaysia is waiting for you !

If you are a visitor to Malaysia with a dream of having your destination wedding in Malaysia, Reka Teemor will provide you, upon request, a selection of best locations that suit what you are dreaming of. Whether it is a romantic or exotic place, we have a myriad of options all over Malaysia for you to choose from. You will definitely find the ideal place to create an experience that will fill you with memorable moments with your loved ones that will last a lifetime.

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Beach Wedding Packages

wedding planner malaysia beach wedding

A lukewarm salty breeze blows through the airy wedding dress. Together with your sweetheart, your gaze sweeps over the vastness of the sea. Who does not want to marry in such a place?

A wedding on the beach, not everyone experiences it. A beach wedding is something special and typically requires a different approach from the usual ‘traditional’ wedding. Planning a seaside wedding has its own challenges, but not impossible especially when Reka Teemor organizes it for you.

Reka Teemor has organized several beachside weddings, and we offer various beach wedding packages. Here, we want to share with you our experiences designing a beautiful beachside wedding.

Some fun tips to organizing successful beach wedding

  • Choose the beach & facilities you want present
    Whether in Malaysia or abroad, choose the right beach venue for you, and ensure you choose the date during a favourable season. Some places are affected by weather conditions & seasons such as monsoon, winter or tropical humid weather, and these may limit what you can and cannot do on site for your wedding.
    We can help you with the selection and confirmation of the suitable beach locations and accompanying facilities for the wedding you envisioned. Various packages are available from the beach hotel operators too.
  • Choose the right wedding dress:
    When we talk about how to organize weddings on the beach, the first thing you have to consider is choosing the correct wedding dress. You should choose one that is made of light fabrics such as silk, organza, or cotton. Completely avoid heavy satin fabrics. The same for the groom: a nice linen jacket and pants will be an excellent choice.
  • Comfortable and elegant footwear: 
    To enjoy your party to the fullest, keep in mind which footwear to choose. It will be one of the keys to enjoying the outdoor party to the fullest. Also, do not miss the opportunity to go barefoot!
  • The dress code: 
    Notify your guests of the dress code for your celebration. This point is very important, because although the wedding will take place on the beach, this does not mean that guests can attend in a bathing suit.
  • The bridal bouquet: 
    It is essential that you choose flowers that withstand the weather. For your bouquet to stand out throughout the celebration, it is advisable to choose seasonal flowers and chords to the region where the party is. This will ensure that your bouquet will be kept alive & fresh throughout the wedding event.
  • Foods fiesta : 
    When we think about how to organize weddings on the beach, food is a primary focus. Choose a menu that suits the theme and is suitable with the reception layout, whether it is a seated or buffet styled.

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