Things You Can Eliminate

Little touches can make a wedding day special, but some of them can also be eliminated. Save-the-date cards or wedding favors are nice, but guests will hardly notice their absence.

Limousines are elegant and fun, but they are also expensive. Will anyone really care if you have a friend drive you to your venues? It’s doubtful. If you absolutely want a special car, rent it and have a friend drive it. You’ll save by not hiring a chauffeur.

Some weddings are all about flowers. Fresh, exotic blooms are certainly beautiful, but you will pay for that lovely touch. If you absolutely want to walk down the aisle with flowers, you and your bridal party can hold a single rose or Calla lily. It’s the very essence of elegance.

Instead of florals, branches can work beautifully as decorations. Consider clutch bags for your bridesmaids instead of bouquets. It’s a glamorous yet practical solution since they can be used after the wedding. Check out some great alternatives to wedding bouquets.

You can also use candles, candelabras, or lanterns as centerpieces instead of costly floral arrangements. Antique stores are a great place to find some inexpensive hidden treasures that can be turned into stunning centerpieces.