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Client: Intan and Elmy
Event: Solemnization & Wedding Reception in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Intan and Elmy Intan and Elmy
"Abg Faiz & Kak Mumtaz and the whole Reka Teemor team who came all the way from KL, thank you so much for everything from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you for making a little girl dreams came true. From our first meeting in November 2015 to our endless Whatsapp conversations even if its 12am, I knew it from the start that you both definitely gonna pull it off without a single doubt."

Client: Nabila and Ashraff
Event: Wedding Reception, Kelana Jaya
Nabila-and-Ashraff Nabila-and-Ashraff
"I've always loved the 'bohemian barn' wedding concept that I've seen couples in the United States do; I told my wedding planner about my vision and they came up with an amazing design for my reception. It took them about 5 days to actually get all the decor tone, from setting up the marquee tent, and putting up the countless light bulbs and the amazing hanging terrariums. I saw a photo of the hanging terrariums on Instagram and told my wedding planner that I needed those in my life, and they absolutely delivered!"

Client: Atasha and Shafiq
Event: Wedding Reception, One World Hotel Damansara
Nabila-and-Ashraff Nabila-and-Ashraff
"Truly an extensive & enchanting work of Reka Teemor, realizing everything we could ever imagined, if not more"